5.) Golden Sun

Back in 2001, there was a video game called Golden Sun that debuted and hit the game store surfaces. There was a collection of creatures that had similarities to Pokémon and a system that was provided in the Djinn system of the game, however, this RPG game for Game Boy Advance wasn’t trailing on the coat tail of anything. It contained amazing graphics, an intense turn-based combat system, and gameplay based on puzzles that definitely found itself ahead of its time in terms of what RPGs could provide other than different styles of combat.

4.) Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Mario may not sound like much of a tough guy when hearing about his role in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, this is all because players jump to think about that silly fact that he’s literally a piece of paper jumping all around the screen, however, this paper characteristic happens to contain some of its own perks. First off, He can slide in through tiny crevices by sliding through them sideways, rolling himself up into a tiny ball, or if he totally has to, take flight out into the blue skies as a paper Mario aeroplane.

3.) Diablo II

A lot of people believe this game to be not only the greatest chapter in the Diablo series, but the epitome of the isometric action genre of RPG that we’ve come to know and love, Diablo II is a serious game that has way more than only its different levels. From its creepy, sad soundtrack and visual content, all the way to its long and loaded plotline, Blizzard’s comeback with this game series that throws angels into the battleground with demons and one man caught in the middle is a masterpiece when it comes to atmospheric adventuring.

2.) Pokémon Yellow

Pokémon Yellow sums up the legendary RPG layout of Pokémon Red and Blue and combines the two into a plotline that contains story elements straight out of the famous Pokémon anime. One of Pokémon Yellow’s greatest adjustments could probably be it’s extraordinary: having Pikachu by your side. Including the creature to follow you around on your adventure helped further evolve the Pokémon from just being a team full of mood less fighting Pokémon into a team of creatures you could call your best friends. Pokémon Yellow also contains other updated features, such as Charizard having the ability to learn how to Fly, and a bunch of other changes in the plot to further more solidify it as the greatest and most fun way to play the most inspirational Pokémon game.

1.) Final Fantasy VI

When related to its joyfully enthusiastic relatives, Final Fantasy VI happens to be a breath of fresh, but meek air. It has the audacity to answer the question of “what if the bad guy wins?” by actually providing the opportunity to let the antagonist have justice halfway through its storyline. It does not hesitate to tackle unsettling topics such as war, genocide, forbidden love, and characters offing themselves. It abandons the blinded perspective of one singular, entitled the main character in order to tell a wider more emotionally-established story. This enthusiasm to discover dark topics and unpredictable endings made it all the more effective when put up against authentic set pieces and a rising score. This is one of the main reasons why Squaresoft’s 1994 legendary game is so very beautiful.

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