Get to Know Me

Hey guys, my name is Slater and I am 26 years old. I currently reside in Washington and if it isn’t obvious, I love gaming. I have my degree in Computer Science and I work for a company that helps design and create games. I found a passion for gaming when I was probably in middle school or in my early high school years. I discovered this passion of mine because I didn’t get along with the people I went to school with. I was always doing my own thing and didn’t talk too many people because most of them were either bully’s, too popular, people getting into the wrong things, or all of the above. I always enjoyed learning and going to school to learn and people took notice in that and would make fun of me for it. Because I didn’t have many friends back in the day, I would play video games a lot because it was always raining so my options were limited. I soon fell in love with it. I didn’t fall in love with just playing the game, I fell in love with how they were made and designed. I was one of the very few students who went to college right after high school. I didn’t waste any time, I went to college, got my degree, and went straight to work. I love my job and the friends it brought me and I would go through the bullies all over again for it. I hope you guys take interest in my blogs and enjoy it! Thanks for taking the time to get know my story.